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Digital GQF Sportsman Professional Incubator
Poultry Farm Equipment - Digital Sportsman Professional Incubator

Our Price: $1,329.99

Product Code: 1504W

Digital Sportsman Professional Incubator. This is the ultimate in low cost cabinet style incubator. New door design includes a window for easier viewing. Black trim and hardware. Door opens to the left so all controls are easily accessable even with the door open. Outside temperature sensor. Digital command centre monitors the health of the entire system every second. Any problems are spelled out on the LCD display. Easy to use touch controls. Visible and Audible alarms. Full digitally controlled heating system. Automatic adjustments to the heating system are made 20 times every second! All major electrical items are plug and play, including the Digital Control Module, Heater, Fan and Sensor Module. Digital temperature and Humidity readouts are factory calibrated with high precision. Melamine coated inside and out for easier cleaning and effective fumigation. It is designed to be used for continuous hatching. Three trays are operated by an automatic turning mechanism. The DIFFERENCE between the 1504E and the 1502E is that the 1504E is designed without a hatching tray. This allows for greater spacing between racks and therefore a larger turning angle. This model is recommended for those who will be hatching in a separate hatching unit. Circulating fan keeps uniform temperature and humidity throughout the entire incubator. See incubator accessories for egg positioners for different size eggs. Dimensions: 15.75" wide, 30.25" deep, 31.75" high. Approximate setting capacity 1368 quail (set and hatch 250 per week on a rotating basis) , 288 chicken, 216 duck, 125 goose, and 375 chukar or pheasant eggs. Weight 96 lbs., 225 watts, 110 volts. CSA APPROVED. Berry Hill is the only company selling approved units for the Canadian market.
For perfect fitting trays see the following items: CM48, KRC59, KRC124, R6X6

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